Maltepe University School of Nursing gives four year bachelor level education which established in 1997. Subsequently student admission stopped and in 2007 once again initiated its undergraduate education.
School curriculum has specific characteristics which allow students to grow into enterprising nurses who have holistic and humanistic philosophy, communicate effectively, adoptable to team work, may create or keep up with change to improve quality, may reach up to date information and may use new technology. In curriculum, besides the essential nursing courses which allow students to learn about improving, preventive, curative and rehabilitative care, also basic medical and social science courses takes place. By means of elective art courses like music, painting, photography is targeted to improve perception and understanding skills of students.

Last class, the students prepared for working life with a one-year internship program For this purpose, each student chooses a semester studying in the field of intensive care. In the second semester of the internship program students receive education in the area they choose toward their interest, so after graduation they would like to work supported the development of the field.
Clinic practice is an important part of nursing education. Maltepe University has a modern hospital which nursing and medical school students may benefit for clinic practice.  As well as our hospital, student use great number of hospital’s different units for clinic practice and this way they have opportunity to learn most of the management models.

Our students will be able to benefit from student exchange program opportunities since our program has been prepared in the direction of European Credit Transfer System.

Our school, with the importance given to scientific advancements, publishes an e-Journal named “Nursing Science and Art”, and also hosts professional and scientific activities. It was carried out two symposiums in May 12, 2010 “City İstanbul where the nursing torch was lit” and May 13, 2011 “Equality in Health” and “Art in Nursing”
Our school has prepared a master program in Pediatric Nursing and in 2012  has began post-graduate education programs.

Our mission is to educate competent, knowledgeable and skillfully nurses who can practice holistic and evidence based care to healthy/sick person, family and community for the purpose of preventive, promote  and rehabilitative nursing skills.

Our vision is to be preferred school of nursing in the field of national and international health system that can educate creative and confident nurses.

1.    Practicing about health promotion, maintenance, treatment and rehabilitation of person, family and community
2.    Adopting humanistic and holistic nursing approaches.
3.    Using the critical thinking and problem solving approaches (behavioral)
4.    Using effective communication techniques
5.    Adhering nursing values and ethic principles.
6.    Adopting the teamwork.
7.    Being sensible for professional development and problems.
8.    Finding out principles of lifelong learning.
9.    Educating for person, family and community and –or health professionals.
10.   Attending in scientific researches
11.   Exposing leadership characteristics and management skills.
12.   Taking part in health related projects by examine social, legal, economics and ecological dimensions of the issues.
13.   Using advanced theoretical and practical knowledge-skills within the care giving, training and management roles.